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Nantian Electronics Information Co.,Ltd (Nantian) has been the leading IT company in banking automation business of Chinese marker for about two decades. Nantian is specialized in providing the most reliable HW/SW products and solutions to banking/financial industry. Having dedicated in this market over two decades, Nantian is committed to provide its clients with not only reliable HW/SW products but also the flexibility of customization and solutions to meet the demand from the ever changing market.

Nantian has a staff of over 3000 employees, among which 70% are full time R&D personnel. With its headquarters in Kunming, Nantian has six regional subsidiaries in major cities of China, two R&D centers in Beijing and Kunming, and two production bases in Kunming and Shenzhen. Nantian has a strong after-sale service network composed of 106 service centers/stations all over China to support Nantian’s marketing activities and over 40 distributors and partners worldwide to sell and support Nantian’s products.

Nantian’s major business covers five major fields: specialized HW products for banking industry and other lines of business, system integration, software development, payment solutions and consultancy & services outsourcing.
Banking Specialist
Nantian offers a wide range of HW products that feature innovative technology and functionality, including PR Series Passbook Printer, kiosks (city information kiosk, queuing machine, CUSS, etc. ), ATM, BP Series Card Reader, rail transit equipment, POS terminal, etc.

In recent years, Nantian has launched a new generation passbook printer—PR9. A completely new mechanical/electronic architecture is applied to PR9 which is capable to handle every type, format and thickness of printing media: single sheets of paper, vouches, A4 format, tickets, multi-copy forms, passbooks, etc. If requires, it can be configured to print on continuous forms and passports. As one of the most competitive products on the market today, PR9 specialized printer is designed to be the most advanced solution for banking transaction and financial services.

Now, PR9 has achieved the successful penetration and presence in the oversea market. PR9 has achieved the significant installation in Chinese and oversea markets in recent few years. The five top commercial banks of China have all selected PR9 as their preferred model of passbook printer and many oversea banks are using this product in their teller environment.

Up till 2011, Nantian has successfully achieved the installation of more than 1,100,000 sets of specialized passbook printers (PR2E and PR9)(70% of Chinese market share) in Chinese and oversea market, more than 700,000 sets of BP series MSRE devices (50% of Chinese market share), 60,000 sets of Banking Service Terminals (Kiosks)(40% banking market share), and 5,000 sets of ATMs and has earned a solid reputation for the reliable performance of the products and services from our clients.


Nantian Kiosks offers our clients with the latest functionality, superior security and high performance/price ratio. Nantian Kiosks can be tailored to the clients’ specific business requirements with extreme short lead time.

In recent years, Nantian PR series products and Kiosks also have a very successful presence in international markets. Nantian PR products are well accepted in the oversea markets like Taiwan(50% market share), Hong Kong (BOC H.K, HSBC, BEA, etc.), Southeast Asia, European countries, Mid-east and South America. Nantian, together with our partners and distributors worldwide has established a sales network in global market for its products such as PR9, Kiosk, ATMs, Through-gates, EFT-POS and BP MSRE devices.
Software Development
Nantian has rich experience in software development, and has developed a lot of SW products of its own IPR, ranging from the open finance application platform (OFP) consisting of OFP AutoBranch, OFP PreBranch and OFP CoreBanking, for our banking clients.

Nantian has also a strong track record in software development and system integration in the areas of utilities, water reservation system, telecommunications, scientific studies, government, authorities and national defense.
Payment Solutions
Nantian provides the entire solution from terminal to platform and operation to services, including software platform, terminal and operation services, value-added services, etc.to customers.

As a superior payment products and solutions provider, Nantian has deep cooperation with telecom operators, third-party payment providers and financial institutions.
System Integration
As a leading system integrator with over 20 years of hands on experience across industries, Nantian commends extensive know-how and development capabilities.

Nantian has built strategic partnership with top IT players, covering networking, mainframe, massive storage, middleware, SW tools/packages and SW products.
Consultancy & Services Outsourcing
Nantian has very rich experience in software development and outsourcing. Nantian has successfully completed more than 1,000 computer application projects. More than 2,000 SW packages and solutions are widely used by customers from financial and other industries.

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