South day with many international famous IT companies to establish a broad strategic partnership, for the Chinese financial government and industry customers to provide complete data center services and integrated solutions.South day has established national support service system, data center is involved in several large Banks, construction and service of government industry data center, south day information has become China's financial industry the main IT professional service providers.
For south day specialized is engaged in the IT infrastructure construction and data center services business unit, south day focused integrated business data center integration and services, the next generation of call center, integration and cloud data center management solutions, nantian integration services business has with most Banks, government, industry has a deep and long-term cooperation, have become the main provider of domestic data center.
Southern company through continuous innovation technology, further development and Cisco (gold partner), IBM (IBM's top business partner), huawei (gold dealers), H3C (three-star service provider), F5 (gold medal agent), how the partnership (such as gold partner), at the same time also with Microsoft, mpe, EMC, HITACH,, BMC, sharp Czech, wave, HP, Intel and VMware company to maintain or enhance the partnership.
Cisco 2014 Asia Pacific best service partners
Fiscal year 2013 cisco greater China best solution innovation partners
Fiscal year 2013 cisco greater China best service partners
Fiscal year 2012 cisco greater China enterprise industry best cooperation partner
2011 cisco best service partners
2013 top IBM business partners
IBM solution provider
The best partner for 2012 channels of IBM China university
IBM System x 2012 award for the best solution partner
2010 IBM outstanding solutions
IBM Partner senior members of the World
IBM's first IBM China authentication infrastructure gold skill level
2009 IBM for best growth
Nantian integrated business technical force
South day in DC, IC, CC, has the abundant technical force reserve business direction, can provide customers with quality assured data center for integration, operational services, including:
L network technology direction, and at all levels and technical personnel 266 people, including a three, JUNIPER, F5 cisco, huawei, China well-known network equipment manufacturers such as senior technical certification staff about 240;
L: system technology at all levels and technical personnel 135 people, including IBM, HP, EMC, oracle and other international well-known system manufacturers senior technical certification staff about 93
L IC direction: master including C, C + +, JAVA, python, PHP, HTML and other programming technology at all levels programmer about 40;
L CC direction: including CISCO, how international call center technology manufacturers such as certification of technical personnel at all levels of 60 or so;

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