Big Data


Relying on advanced blockchain, cloud computing and other technologies, and making use of big data innovation practices, Nantian Information enables enterprises to quickly realize functions such as data retrieval, insight analysis, data management, decision analysis, data precipitation, and closed-loop data management and application, and provides enterprises with one-stop solutions covering marketing, risk control, operation, management and services to help enterprises build comprehensive digital systems.

Our advantages


Independent research and development

Based on open source big data products and targeting industry application characteristics, Nantian Information integrates multiple algorithms to independently develop a platform for big data application integration.


Closed-loop application

Nantian Information quickly integrates various kinds of data to create a complete integrated management and control system for data collection, storage, processing, and application, so as to support enterprises to realize seamless closed-loop application of big data.



Based on a deep understanding of industry businesses, Nantian Information owns a variety of big data business models, and is familiar with big data business scenarios, so it can truly realize big data value.


Professional customization

Nantian Information comprehensively meets clients’ personalized demands by supporting customization according to enterprises’ data management requirements and commercial application directions.

Acquisition scheme
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