Artificial Intelligence


Based on artificial intelligence, Nantian Information integrates unified biometric identification, natural language recognition, AR/VR and other technologies to drive digital-intelligent transformation of channel scenarios, customer services, and operation management through experience services and service innovation, so as to improve customer experience and speed up the artificial intelligence development of enterprises.

Our advantages



Nantian Information integrates multiple biometric identification technologies to build a multi-modal identification technology supporting platform, so as to achieve accurate identification of personal identity to guarantee the security of information systems.



Nantian Information focuses on changing the traditional scenario service model with advanced AI capabilities. With the capabilities to adapt to complex scenarios, comprehensive and optimized service models and experience process, Nantian Information achieves imperceptible linkage between people and services.


Professional customization

Nantian Information comprehensively meets clients’ personalized demands by supporting customization according to enterprises’ business requirements and commercial application directions.

Acquisition scheme
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