Cloud Computing


With rich experience accumulated over many years in the fields such as distributed services, microservices, cloud migration and cloud data center, Nantian uses "cloud + internet + collaboration + terminals" as carriers to provide application cloudification, cloud migration, cloud application software products, innovative cloud management solutions and cloud data center services to assist users to make full use of the advantages of cloud computing technology and achieve cloudification transformation.

Our advantages


High performance

With the advantages of domestic leading technologies accumulated in the fields of high concurrency, high performance, and large-scale online transaction processing, Nantian Information’s cloud application system can support huge key business processing needs of big clients.



Adhering to the value of being "agile", Nantian Information adopts a microservice architecture to fully support the devOPS development model and support short-cycle iterations of application systems from development to operation, so that Nantian Information can enable clients’ businesses to quickly respond to the market.



Provide cloud application software based on independently controlled basic software and hardware facilities to meet the needs of clients for infrastructure transformation.



Use open technologies in the industry and integrate mainstream front-end/back-end technologies (H5, Dubbo, SpringCloud, etc.) to help enterprises build open technology supporting systems.



Rely on rich experience in scenario design to assist clients to quickly build new business scenarios and improve user experience in the scenarios.

Hot products and Solutions

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